Fiber Optic Adapter

Working of Outdoor Fiber Optic Cable & Fiber Optic Adapter

  • December 3, 2018
  • sinooptic

Experience and exquisite technologies can provide customers with high-quality and high-performance outdoor fiber optic cable solutions that meets their different needs. With professional technical support as well as excellent services one can offer one-stop service, high standards and cost effective products.

Outdoor fiber optic cable is applied to protect the optical fiber to operate safely in harsh outdoor environment. The majority of outdoor fiber cables are loose buffer design, with the reinforce member in the central of the whole cable, the loose tubes surround the central strength member. Inner parts of the loose tube there is waterproof gel filled, entire cable materials used and gels inside cable between the different components helps make the cable resistant to leak and water.The designs make use of250µm fibers in both central & multi loose tube constructions ranging in optical fiber counts from 2 to 288. It is available in both armored and non-armored type.

Fiber optic adapter are applied in fiber optic connection. It has the distinctive use to provide a cable to cable fiber connection. It is also known as mating sleeves and hybrid adaptors. Mating sleevesadapter is used to connect the same type fiber optic connectors, while hybrid adaptors are used to connect diverse types of fiber optic connectors. Single mode and multimode optic fibre connectors are also available. It is consistent solution for fiber connections when high quality & standard is maintained while manufacturing. Fiber optic adapters available in the market are – FC, SC, ST, LC, MT-RJ, MU, simplex, E2000, FC/APC, duplex, SC/APC, LC/APC, E2000/APC ,quad, mating sleeves, hybrid fiber optic adapters, Single mode fiber optic adapters, multimode fiber optic adapters.

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