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Fiber Optics for Manufacturing

The manufacturing industry is a complex and fragmented series of interconnected markets, niches, and segments that collectively produce the equipment used in data communications and telecommunications worldwide. Comprised of large, multinational suppliers to small, niche manufacturers, this industry produces everything from fiber and connectors to directors and storage systems, and everything in between.

SINO OPTIC’s manufacturing facility is equipped with state of the art technology comprised of extensive fabrication equipment, test equipment, and manufacturing equipment for the termination of fiber optic products. This investment in manufacturing technology is what separates SINO OPTIC from other manufacturers.

SINO OPTIC offers standard and custom products including Polarization Maintaining (PM) products, Mode Conditioning cables, Ribbon Fiber products, Multi-Fiber Distribution assemblies, and tactical/specialty communication products that allow our customers the ability to offer a complete suite of products and services, without large investments for equipment and infrastructure.

Fiber optics are used across the network equipment and semiconductor equipment markets. The primary function for most fiber optics in these industries is point-to-point connections via cable assembly-type products including jumper cables, trunk cables, pigtails, and patch cords. While other applications exist, point-to-point communications account for the large majority of these industries’ fiber optic requirements.

SINO OPTIC offers very specialized product and service offerings to support the manufacturing industry. Our focus is providing fiber optic product manufacturers, network equipment manufacturers, test equipment manufacturers, semiconductor manufacturers, field installation contractors and custom assembly manufacturers a chance to diversify and complement their existing product line and services to their customers.