Fiber Optics for Oil & Gas

Fiber optics are used for a number of applications in the oil and gas markets. These markets require very specific cabling and connectivity requirements to ensure the utmost in safety, productivity, and harsh environment durability.

As producers of one of the most widely used consumables, oil and gas companies are rapidly expanding operations to support the increasing global demand for petroleum products. As part of this deployment, these companies are installing fiber optics to leverage the advantages offered by fiber, improving the overall performance and accuracy of their operations.

Generally, fiber optics for oil and gas are used as a communications conduit or as a sensor communication/control link. For communications, fiber optics offer a large amount of bandwidth in a compact package, saving space, weight, and install time. With sensor applications, fiber optics can provide a wide range of data about environmental conditions, oil reserve levels, and equipment performance or status.

SINO OPTIC manufactures a wide range of products designed for oil and gas applications. Our specialty in harsh environment connectivity products enables us to produce quality products with short lead times, designed to fit your precise application.