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Fiber Optics for Data Storage

The data storage industry is comprised of companies that design devices that store information generated electronically. Data storage devices are made with different types of connectivity interfaces, the primary being optical.
The main categories for optical data storage are:

Network-Attached Storage (NAS)

Network-attached storage devices are used solely to store information. It is a server dedicated to file sharing.

Storage Area Network (SAN)

A storage area network is a sub-network of shared storage devices that allows for all information stored to be shared among all of the servers on the network.

Content-Addressed Storage (CAS)

Content-addressed storage devices are used to store fixed content information, or information that can not be changed, such as medical records, invoices, and archived emails and files.

Fiber optic connectivity provides faster data transmission rates, high bandwidth (approx. 1000 times traditional copper cabling), and much greater transmission range (distance). With these advantages, a large majority of storage devices utilize optical connectivity ports as the communication link.

SINO OPTIC fiber optic products are designed and manufactured to optimize your data storage process and effectively manage the testing of your connectivity ports.