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Fiber Optics for Telecommunications

The telecommunications industry is made of many types of companies at different levels within the industry, all making products and/or providing a service to supply local and long-distance telephone service, internet service, and new technologies (including VoIP, CATV, HDTV, and security) to the end user (residential, business, and institutional).

A large portion of the telecommunications industry is comprised of equipment manufacturers (switch, router, and network component companies) producing products that make and/or route connections from point-to-point via a central office location. Whether these products are used in networks supporting wired or wireless applications, the supreme goal for equipment manufacturers is to produce an efficient, cost effective, and reliable product to support service provider networks.

Solution providers represent another large segment of the telecommunications industry. In this segment, companies that source, develop, and implement the network infrastructure (“service providers”) will use to supply communication connections to the end users. As a segue between component manufacturers and service providers, solutions providers greatly influence network structures, protocols, and the successful implementation of emerging technologies.

The other large segment of the telecommunications industry is service providers. This market is focused on providing communications, in one form or other, to the end user. For most people, this segment is viewed as the face of the industry, delivering the final product/service that the equipment manufacturers and solutions providers support. The most common applications for this segment are premises networks, LAN (local area networks), WAN (wide area networks), and wireless networks.

SINO OPTIC specializes in connectivity at multiple levels of the telecommunications industry. From standard cable assemblies and loopbacks for the equipment manufacturing segment to optical drop cables to support service provider networks, SINO OPTIC has a product to suit your telecommunications application.