FC Type Fiber Optic Connector

SINO OPTIC’s FC connectors effectively terminate optical fiber in a variety of network applications. The connector is secured using a threaded coupling nut, providing a significant increase in pull-out performance. The FC connector also features an internal cavity and epoxy injection tube that virtually eliminates the possibility of improper epoxy application, thus providing higher manufacturing yields.

Every aspect of the connector system is precision manufactured to produce reliable and consistent performance. The FC connector is available in tunable or non-tunable PC versions for flexibility in specific performance requirements. The FC/APC connector system features a tight-fit keyway that prohibits the possible mis-mating between FC/PC and FC/APC connectors.



  • Insertion Loss:

≤ 0.20dB Typical Single mode

≤ 0.25dB Typical APC

≤ 0.30dB Typical Multimode


  • Return Loss:

Ultra (UPC) ≥ 55dB

Angle (APC) ≥ 65dB


  • Durability:

1000​​ Mating Cycles


  • Operating Temperature:

-40°C to +85°C



  • High precision zirconia ferrules minimize insertion loss values

  • Non-optical disconnect feature design prevents signal interruption

  • Teflon tube in rear of connector ensures clean epoxy injection

  • Available with 900μm, 2.0mm, or 3.0mm,​​ 45°/90°, and flex boots


  • Datacom

  • Telecom

  • Broadband

  • Singlemode Lasers

  • Measuring Equipment



  • TIA/EIA 604-4

  • IEC 61754-13

  • Telcordia-GR-326-CORE

  • RoHS